Lexington Oaks
Community (Sub) Associations
There are 13 separate villages within Lexington Oaks. Three of these villages  formed their own Community Associations and are incorporated as separate legal entities. They have created and currently maintain their own By-Laws, a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs) and elect their own Board of Directors to oversee their organizations.
These Community Associations, commonly referred to as Sub-Associations, remain legally subordinate to the Master Association, who is responsible for providing a set of standards and guidelines to establish continuity throughout the community as a whole.
These Community Associations typically codify a separate set of additional requirements not contained in the governing documents of the Master Association and are designed to provide maintenance free living conditions. See each village link below to get more information regarding their additional requirements, attributes and contact information.
          Churchill Villas
          Pimlico Village
          Remington Village