Lexington Oaks
Master Declaration (CC&Rs)
 The Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions(CC&Rs) contain the rules every homeowner, and by extension, renter or lessee, must abide by in Lexington Oaks. The desired goal of the CC&Rs is to establish standards and rules that protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community. These rules were originally created by the developer and have been amended several times by the members of the Homeowner’s Association. Since passage of amendments require two thirds majority of a quorum of the voting membership (the community), the CC&Rs are universally agreed upon as fair and reasonable standards.
When a buyer initially makes a purchase in Lexington Oaks, the buyer will be required to sign a series of documents, one of which states that they have read the CC&R's and will agree to abide by them. If a home is leased, both the lessor and the lessee are responsible to abide by the CC&Rs (see Rental Requirements).  
The HOA actively enforces the CC&Rs. Violation of the CC&Rs can result in fines, forced compliance and legal action. Having an effective HOA is paramount to having a thriving community.
In 2016, the HOA consolidated the original Master Declaration with all the amendment changes that have have been made since 2004. All updated rules can now be found in one document.
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