Lexington Oaks
Community Yard Sale
Lexington Oaks residents, do you have too much stuff? Is your garage so full off clutter that you can't walk through it, much less park in there? Is one of your bedrooms used as a storage unit? Have you kept every piece of clothing you ever owned but they no longer fit you? Do you keep things around just in case they might suddenly become useful one day far in the future? Well, it just might be the time to let go of those sacred items. 
Here's your big chance to lighten your load. The Lexington Oaks Semi-Annual Yard Sale is just the ticket to clear some much needed room and you can make a little extra money. So get mentally prepared to part ways with those dormant, unused possessions.  Make sure you set your prices prior to the big day.
Get ready, this year's Lexington Oaks Spring Community Yard Sale date is Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 8am - 3pm.