Lexington Oaks
Master Homeowners Association
The Lexington Oaks Master Homeowners Association is a not for profit organization established pursuant to Florida Statutes and it's governing documents to protect the assets of it's membership through a Board of Directors that establishes and enforces reasonable standards and guidelines for its members, identifies necessary resources to perform its day to day administrative functions, creates a budget, and then levies membership dues to fund its operations.
Our Vision: We envision a community that offers a pleasurable lifestyle and gratifying quality of life, and is a desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends and community.
Our Mission: Our mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life and sense of community through effective and efficient management of the Association, enforcement of rules and covenants to preserve property values, and supporting initiatives that benefit the greater good of the community.
Our Duty: Board members will faithfully discharge their fiduciary responsibility to the association’s members.
Our Values: In all our activities to achieve our vision and mission, we value integrity, fairness, consistency, common sense, community participation, respect, cooperation and a sense of community.
Board of Directors Objectives:
  • Encourage collaboration and participation that includes an involved membership.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate and effective meetings to address the concerns of the community.
  • Satisfy, maintain and enhance community support requirements relating to property values, legal and safety issues.
  • Seek continuous improvements in effective and efficient management of the Association.
  • Establish and maintain a strong financial foundation for all operations of the Association.
  • Be forever mindful of and preserve the Association's Vision, Mission and Values.
  • Serve in the best interests of the Association.
Owner Objectives:
  • Good Neighbors First- Being a good homeowner begins with respecting the rights of their neighbors to enjoy in the benefits of their property.
  • Property Maintenance Commitment -Property owners will insure their respective properties are maintained in accordance with our covenants, conditions and restrictions; that their property enhances and never detracts from the value of the community.
  • Volunteerism- We highly value participation in the Membership that extends beyond the normal commitment of being a member.
When and Where:
Master HOA Board Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Community Center. Check the Upcoming Events or the Calendar for exact dates.
           Lexington Oaks
Master Homeowners Association 
          Board of Directors
          Officers & Directors
  •           Eileen Ozar                    - President
  •           Don Hanna                    - Vice President
  •           Linda Staskiel                 - Secretary
  •           Marie Miller                    - Treasurer
  •           Chris Remley                  - Director
  •           John Phommavongsai      - Director
  •           Mike Trowse                    - Director