Lexington Oaks
Architectural Committee
Before making any additions or modifications to a Lexington Oaks property, it is required that an architectural change request be approved by the Lexington Oaks Architectural Change Committee (ACC). 
The Lexington Oaks Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors established the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to oversee functions related to any change made to a property, as set forth in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions(CC&Rs) and established Architectural Guidelines. ACC functions include, but are not limited to, receiving and reviewing Architectural and Design Requests from homeowners, determining the feasibility and legality of each request based upon performing due diligence, making a decision as to the response to be given to the homeowner regarding their request, and informing the homeowner and property management company of its decision in writing within a timely fashion per the CC&Rs and guidelines.  The purpose of the Committee is to ensure that homeowner’s requests and concerns regarding additions or modifications to their property are addressed in an impartial and timely manner while upholding the established guidelines that protect the overall welfare and integrity of the entire community.
The ACC is chaired by an Architectural Chairperson who is appointed by the HOA Board of Directors. The Chairperson must be a homeowner in good standing in Lexington Oaks. This appointment will continue as long as he/she is a member of the Lexington Oaks (HOA) and will end upon his/her resignation or removal from the Committee by the HOA. The Chairperson will be responsible for all communication to and from the HOA Board, but may delegate this responsibility on a case-by-case basis to any other committee member.  In addition to the Chairperson, the Committee shall consist of a minimum of two (2) additional community member volunteers.  Appointment of Committee members will be made by the Chairperson and ratified by the HOA.
If you are contemplating an architectural change, use this page or the Documents menu to download a copy of the Architectural Guidelines and an Architectural Application. Failure to receive ACC approval can lead to fines and expensive legal costs.