Lexington Oaks
Women's Club
TThe Lexington Oaks Women’s Club is an organization created exclusively for the women of
Lexington Oaks and the surrounding areas for educational, social, and charitable causes.
The organization maintains a Board of Directors that consists of a President, Vice President,
Treasurer, Secretary, and Director that currently oversees a membership of  50+ members, with
most of our members being active in our various causes.  There is something for everyone, and
most take advantage as it is fun, fulfilling, and helps our community!
The Lexington Oaks Women’s Club (LOWC) meets regularly at the Lexington Oaks Community
Center on the first Monday of every month (unless it is a holiday, then it is the following
Monday). The schedule is as follows:
  1)   9:30 a.m. when you can meet fellow members and eat yummy breakfast snacks or
  2)   10:00 for the start of the meeting. 
Our organization hosts several monthly events, such as a Book Club (our most attended group),
International Lunch Group, Travel Club, and annual events, such as a Holiday Progressive
Dinner!  We also maintain an extensive lending library in the Community Center.
We support several charities, including our local schools (e.g., Veterans’ Elementary), seniors at
the Rosecastle Assisted Living Facility, and gifts to those in need at holiday time.  We also
award merit scholarships each spring to worthy Lexington Oaks high school seniors to help them
with college expenses.  We participate in a local breast cancer walk every year and raise money
for breast cancer charities in Pasco County.
To help support our events, the organization collect dues ($25 per person annually) and sell items
at our semi-annual community garage sales.  We raise enough money from these events to satisfy
our annual budget!
Please join us at our next meeting and become an active member of your Lexington Oaks
Women’s Club!  You’ll meet lots of people, make new friends, find plenty of fun and
worthwhile activities to choose from, and also be able to make worthy contributions to those in
need in Pasco County! Contact any member of the Board of Directors if you are interested in
          WOMEN'S CLUB