Lexington Oaks
Yard of the Month
Circa 2010, the Homeowners Association (HOA) was in the process of constructing amendments to the CC&RS to strengthen their ability to impose and collect fines from those who fail to comply with our community standards. But they also wanted to create something positive for owners who sought a challenge to keep their homes beautifully maintained. So they created the Property of the Month award.
Each month, from April thru November, the Board selects a property from each village as Property of the Month. Additionally, one of those properties is selected as the overall winner. The overall winner will have an elegant Property of the Month sign placed in their yard for the duration of the month. The list of all the village winners are published in our newsletter along with a picture of the overall winner.
The program has been a tremendous success as it has yielded better looking landscapes and a beautiful Lexington Oaks. Do you have what it takes to win?