Lexington Oaks
Churchill Villas
Churchill Villas is a gated community with 153 single family homes ranging from
approximately 1400 – 1800 Square Feet. Churchill maintains its own private
community swimming pool. Although under the Lexington Oaks Homeowners
Association umbrella, Churchill Villas is currently governed by our own
Homeowners Association Board. Churchill Villas maintain our own Covenants and
Deed Restrictions with associated documents.

One of the benefits of our community is we are funded through a monthly
maintenance fee by all homeowners which permit Churchill Villas Homeowners
Association to offer many amenities, some which are listed here:
  • Lawn and Irrigation Maintenance for each home.
  • Trimming of shrubs and bushes for each home.
  • Maintenance and Operation of Community Pool.
  • Power Wash all Community Driveways and Sidewalks Annually.
  • Paint Home Exteriors on a Seven Year Cycle.
  • Maintenance of Common Areas including front gate, roadways and pool
  • landscaping.
  • Replace Residence Roofs on approximately Twenty Year Cycle.
For more Information contact one of the following Churchill HOA Board members.
Churchill Villas Property Manager
First Service Residential,
2870 Scherer Drive North, Suite 100
St Petersburg, FL 33716
Vita Blough   727.299.9555  Ext 2-6255