Lexington Oaks
Fitness Center Rules
Fitness Center Rules & Regulations
  • Fitness Center access is strictly available to the following :​
    1. Residents with a CDD issued photo identification card and a signed liability waiver form.
    2. Resident guests who have completed a signed liability waiver form.
    3. Children, age 16 or 17, who have liability waiver forms signed by their parent.
    4. Non Residents who have paid the required fee (see Fee Schedule) and have completed a signed liability waiver form.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed in the Fitness Center at any time.
  • Adult and child liability waiver forms are available online and at the Community Center office.
  • Photo identification access cards will be activated during regular business hours
  • All photo identification access cards must be renewed each calendar year.
  • Use of the Fitness Center is at Your Own Risk.
  • Machines shall be wiped down after each use with the provided wipes.
  • After use, equipment shall be returned to its proper place.
  • There is a thirty (30) minute time limit when others are waiting to use any equipment.
  • Television audio can be accessed individually at each piece of cardio equipment for three of the six televisions through resident supplied headphones.
  • Lights and fans should be turned off when exiting the Fitness Center
  • Doors should always be locked behind you when entering and leaving the Fitness Center.
A violation of these rules may result in suspension of rights of enjoyment of the Fitness Center.